If you have more than one vehicle, it is very important you make your fleet look consistent from vehicle to vehicle. When people see those vehicles, they need to see the same logo, the same colours, the same contact information, and so on. Consistency helps make your business stick in their memory.

If your branding is not consistent, you are wasting your money. Studies show that people simply won’t recognize and remember your business very well. We strive to keep your logos and brand consistent throughout your fleet, from colors, sizing, etc.

Don’t have a brand?

No problem. Our professional staff can create a brand for you including custom logo work.

Decal Application

Do you have company, safety or manufacturer decals needing to be applied? Crooked or wrinkled decals can really make your vehicle look bad. Have us install them for you in our shop so they don’t look like an obvious “do it yourself” job.

Corporate or Third Party Decal Application

Do you have a corporate decal you’d like applied to your vehicle? Or perhaps a third party decal you had made elsewhere? We can install those as well.

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