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Looking to preserve your new paint job or wrap? Your investment should be protected. We have amazing products that will ensure your paint, decals, signs and more last for as long as you need them to and more.

Your brand is important. Be sure to maintain it by ensuring you have the most pristine-looking specimens at all times. Having an old rusty canvas for your logo to reside on can potentially mean lost clients. Maintain your professional and clean look with one of our Xpel paint protection products.

Xpel Paint Protection

Other more commonly used Paint Protection Products used to be the industry standard for protecting your valuable assets from damage such as rock chips, and more. Like anything else, however, new technology has been developed that’s better and more affordable.

Meet Xpel Paint Protection film. Expel has a multitude of different products which we carry and install.

We’re always looking to make sure your investment is of the highest quality, and won’t break the bank.

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