Vehicle wraps are an excellent choice for advertising. They work like mobile billboards! No matter where you go, no matter the time of day or night, a custom vehicle wrap can be promoting your business. They are affordable to install, and you don’t have to shell out for monthly advertising fees like radio or newspapers.

A good vehicle wrap has two key components – a great design and a superior installation. At Autoexotic, we have the skills and experience to do both for you.

Professional Design

Here at Autoexotic, we design custom vehicle wraps that take into consideration the vehicle you want wrapped and the information you want displayed. We ensure that the shape of your vehicle does not hide or block the critical elements of your wrap. If people can’t read your phone number or business name then it’s not a good wrap!

Professional Installation

Every vehicle make and model is different, which means careful attention must be given to how the wrap is installed. Trying to install a wrap in too large of a piece means wrinkles. Too many little pieces makes for obvious seams. We do our very best to ensure that the vehicle wrap is installed with the fewest number of seams needed for a flawless installation. We also use only high quality materials that can stand the cold winters and warm summers of northern Alberta.

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Wrap It All!
Don’t forget to wrap your trailers, tanks, barrels and 
anything else your customers might see.

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